October is halfway gone and the work on the house continues.

Right now, the biggest chores are the outdoor ones. Raking the lawn has amassed 13 bags so far, which accounts for only half of the back yard. The garage has now been cleaned out (and cleaned) enough so it can house my car. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a garage again after 7 years in a townhouse!

So at the end of the night, we retire to what was our living room in the old house, just in a different location.

The space is HUGE. I mean, huge. I have no idea what to do with that massive space between the book cases. It’s easily 8-10′ wide and empty. The door ahead on the left is the second full bath, the next is C’s office, and the glass doors lead to C’s lair. Out of sight to the right of her doors is the exercise room, and yes, it gets about as much use as you’d suspect.

I seriously envy people who can artfully arrange a bookcase, but I think I’d have to double the number of bookcases in the house to make room for such things.

This is basically all of the contents of our old living room in a slightly more TV-viewing friendly configuration. Note Chaos in the window; he loves, loves, loves having windows. We still have to keep him separated – 13 months later – from the other cat since he’s such a bully. The old place didn’t have windows like this downstairs.

And this is the troublesome corner. I have NO idea what to do with a fireplace mantle and the proportions are awkward because the ceilings are so low. It’s electric and moveable, I just don’t know where to move it unless it’s to swap it out with the shorter bookcases in the room. It was originally positioned where my TV stand lives, and the previous folks had their TV mounted above it. Since I have a massive receiver and there’s a bunch of other electronics that require a stand, that setup didn’t work for me.

Better photos coming soon. Probably.
Bookcase: Billy at IKEA
Cream couch: IKEA
TV Stand: Toro at IKEA
Tan Couch: Pier 1
Coffee table: Loblaws
Rug: HomeSense
Lamp: IKEA
Art: Prints from five|one|nine photography, frames from IKEA, custom mats from Michaels

All but the prints, lamp and the TV stand are no longer available anywhere. This is apparently where IKEA goes to die…


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