Come into my lair

I was going to call it my boudoir, but this seems much more accurate. It’s dimly lit, and someone or something might jump out at you from a closed door.

This also now appears to be the primary residence of my teeny old kitty, Drucilla. She blends right into the bed and I have to say, it’s super adorable (to me). She’s the reason there’s a dining room chair to the right of the bed; she struggles to get up there without it.


Note the number of patterns between the bedding, headboard and curtains? The headboard fabric is temporary; my old bedroom colour scheme was based around a vintage kimono and the headboard was a burgundy velvet no longer feels right.

A big black, blank canvas. I wish I could paint but for now, it fills the space. The dresser was also painted to coordinate with my kimono and now needs a colour change. Who wants to paint it for me?

A few changes to come…

  • window film to replace the IKEA panel curtains that came with the house
  • new headboard fabric –
  • a rug, perhaps?
  • more art
  • repainting the dresser


  • wardrobe & curtains: IKEA
  • bedding: West Elm
  • dresser: made in London, ON, 15 years ago
  • art: dots canvases are fabric from ikea
  • headboard: I made it myself, currently covered with an IKEA fabric
  • copper pipe chair: bought at an art auction years ago
  • teak dresser: vintage, MacCool’s Reuse in Prince Edward County
  • faux sheepskin rug: IKEA
  • night table and lamp: IKEA

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