The long overdue update

First, the drama. I’ve been trying to get into this site unsuccessfully for ages and as it turns out, somewhere in the moving fog I changed my login information and forgotten. So there I am.

Then, the moving drama. Ok, there really wasn’t any. The move went well, even if the actual act of packing and living amongst the boxes made me feel like a hoarder. Most of the house was unpacked and livable within a week, and I’m  now back to work and a normal routine which includes an 8 minute drive or 40 minute walk to work.

And lastly, there was the cat drama. Chaos came home from the kitty kennel and apparently the stress of all of this prompted a heinous upper respiratory tract infection which ate $600 of the decorating budget. Bad kitten. He’s lucky he’s so cute; Drucilla voted to let him die painfully but since she doesn’t bring home the bacon, she doesn’t get a vote.

Aside from all of that, life in the new house is wonderful. The house is great, the neighbourhood is so much nicer than our last, and then there are the awesome neighbours. Life is good.

And since this update would take me six months longer if I decided I simply had to use my dSLR and edit properly… here are some iPhone snaps of the space.

The living room is the room which has the most left to do:

I was considering a rug under the dining table but I think it might make the room feel smaller. We’ll see.

Another angle:

Those shelves had previously been used to house a TV and DVD player but will either come down or house art and collectibles. In the nook in the back, there will be a bar area. Discussions have been centred on something high gloss and modern, as well as new light fixtures.

To do:
– new lamp from West Elm
– more cushions
– new coffee table, possibly from West Elm
– rug under the couch/chairs/coffee table
– get new cushions made for teak chairs purchased on Kijiji
– reupholster teak chairs which go with the table
– refinish teak table
– new art from Etsy (3 x 20″x28″ pieces over the sofa)
– bar for the nook near the kitchen
– new light fixtures in the nook and over the dining table

Yep, I got tired just reading that.

And finally, the big reason this house is super awesome:

Huge yard. Huge deck. Huge windows.

Next update… A bedroom? The kitchen? We’ll see…

(Update: I just realized I snapped all of these as I prepped the upstairs for the housewarming party. Lots of nibbles and extra seating that wouldn’t normally be there.)


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