The countdown is on

Three weeks from today, we load up everything we own and move across the river.

Three weeks.

We haven’t really collected any boxes, or bought supplies, or started packing, but we’ve already started decorating.

I picked up a teak table and chairs on Kijiji for next to nothing, and found the most adorable fabric to reupholster the chairs from New Mom Designs on Etsy.


We’re picking up the new couch this weekend (whoops, should really book the truck now….), found the exact lamp I’d wanted ON SALE, and then came across this room in my new September 2012 issue of Style at Home that pretty much contained all the pieces of furniture and accessories that were in my old moodboard.


The only thing I’d been questioning is the coffee table, and whether I wanted something a little softer to balance all of the angular furniture, but this layout makes me think the original idea is still pretty great.

And did I mention that our super awesome landlord is installing marble tiles in the upstairs bath this week? Life is pretty sweet… or it will be after the actual moving part of the move!


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