We’re moving!

After six and a half underwhelming years in a townhouse in one of London’s sketchier neighbourhoods, an amazing opportunity presented itself.

Friends of mine are moving – suddenly – to our nation’s capital and would like to rent out their little bungalow. The hubby is an experienced contractor and has renovated the kitchen and bathroom, as well as other key areas of the house. We’re going have more space, a huge yard, a GARAGE (I cannot add enough exclamation points here, people), and we’re closer to work while still being within walking distance of downtown.

The crazy thing is that the house is exactly 300m from one dear friend, and 400m in the opposite direction lives another. This might not bode well for our livers or our wallets, which is why it landed halfway between the “pro” and “con” lists.

Just take a look at this yard… I can’t wait.

Since the owners are dear friends of mine, I’m going to skip posting photos of the house with all of their belongings in it. Once they’re moved – all the way at the end of AUGUST – I’ll show you around the rest of the house.

Til then, I plan to use and and abuse this little spot to store all my ideas so that I don’t drive my friends insane(r).