October is halfway gone and the work on the house continues.

Right now, the biggest chores are the outdoor ones. Raking the lawn has amassed 13 bags so far, which accounts for only half of the back yard. The garage has now been cleaned out (and cleaned) enough so it can house my car. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a garage again after 7 years in a townhouse!

So at the end of the night, we retire to what was our living room in the old house, just in a different location.

The space is HUGE. I mean, huge. I have no idea what to do with that massive space between the book cases. It’s easily 8-10′ wide and empty. The door ahead on the left is the second full bath, the next is C’s office, and the glass doors lead to C’s lair. Out of sight to the right of her doors is the exercise room, and yes, it gets about as much use as you’d suspect.

I seriously envy people who can artfully arrange a bookcase, but I think I’d have to double the number of bookcases in the house to make room for such things.

This is basically all of the contents of our old living room in a slightly more TV-viewing friendly configuration. Note Chaos in the window; he loves, loves, loves having windows. We still have to keep him separated – 13 months later – from the other cat since he’s such a bully. The old place didn’t have windows like this downstairs.

And this is the troublesome corner. I have NO idea what to do with a fireplace mantle and the proportions are awkward because the ceilings are so low. It’s electric and moveable, I just don’t know where to move it unless it’s to swap it out with the shorter bookcases in the room. It was originally positioned where my TV stand lives, and the previous folks had their TV mounted above it. Since I have a massive receiver and there’s a bunch of other electronics that require a stand, that setup didn’t work for me.

Better photos coming soon. Probably.
Bookcase: Billy at IKEA
Cream couch: IKEA
TV Stand: Toro at IKEA
Tan Couch: Pier 1
Coffee table: Loblaws
Rug: HomeSense
Lamp: IKEA
Art: Prints from five|one|nine photography, frames from IKEA, custom mats from Michaels

All but the prints, lamp and the TV stand are no longer available anywhere. This is apparently where IKEA goes to die…


Come into my lair

I was going to call it my boudoir, but this seems much more accurate. It’s dimly lit, and someone or something might jump out at you from a closed door.

This also now appears to be the primary residence of my teeny old kitty, Drucilla. She blends right into the bed and I have to say, it’s super adorable (to me). She’s the reason there’s a dining room chair to the right of the bed; she struggles to get up there without it.


Note the number of patterns between the bedding, headboard and curtains? The headboard fabric is temporary; my old bedroom colour scheme was based around a vintage kimono and the headboard was a burgundy velvet no longer feels right.

A big black, blank canvas. I wish I could paint but for now, it fills the space. The dresser was also painted to coordinate with my kimono and now needs a colour change. Who wants to paint it for me?

A few changes to come…

  • window film to replace the IKEA panel curtains that came with the house
  • new headboard fabric –
  • a rug, perhaps?
  • more art
  • repainting the dresser


  • wardrobe & curtains: IKEA
  • bedding: West Elm
  • dresser: made in London, ON, 15 years ago
  • art: dots canvases are fabric from ikea
  • headboard: I made it myself, currently covered with an IKEA fabric
  • copper pipe chair: bought at an art auction years ago
  • teak dresser: vintage, MacCool’s Reuse in Prince Edward County
  • faux sheepskin rug: IKEA
  • night table and lamp: IKEA

The long overdue update

First, the drama. I’ve been trying to get into this site unsuccessfully for ages and as it turns out, somewhere in the moving fog I changed my login information and forgotten. So there I am.

Then, the moving drama. Ok, there really wasn’t any. The move went well, even if the actual act of packing and living amongst the boxes made me feel like a hoarder. Most of the house was unpacked and livable within a week, and I’m  now back to work and a normal routine which includes an 8 minute drive or 40 minute walk to work.

And lastly, there was the cat drama. Chaos came home from the kitty kennel and apparently the stress of all of this prompted a heinous upper respiratory tract infection which ate $600 of the decorating budget. Bad kitten. He’s lucky he’s so cute; Drucilla voted to let him die painfully but since she doesn’t bring home the bacon, she doesn’t get a vote.

Aside from all of that, life in the new house is wonderful. The house is great, the neighbourhood is so much nicer than our last, and then there are the awesome neighbours. Life is good.

And since this update would take me six months longer if I decided I simply had to use my dSLR and edit properly… here are some iPhone snaps of the space.

The living room is the room which has the most left to do:

I was considering a rug under the dining table but I think it might make the room feel smaller. We’ll see.

Another angle:

Those shelves had previously been used to house a TV and DVD player but will either come down or house art and collectibles. In the nook in the back, there will be a bar area. Discussions have been centred on something high gloss and modern, as well as new light fixtures.

To do:
– new lamp from West Elm
– more cushions
– new coffee table, possibly from West Elm
– rug under the couch/chairs/coffee table
– get new cushions made for teak chairs purchased on Kijiji
– reupholster teak chairs which go with the table
– refinish teak table
– new art from Etsy (3 x 20″x28″ pieces over the sofa)
– bar for the nook near the kitchen
– new light fixtures in the nook and over the dining table

Yep, I got tired just reading that.

And finally, the big reason this house is super awesome:

Huge yard. Huge deck. Huge windows.

Next update… A bedroom? The kitchen? We’ll see…

(Update: I just realized I snapped all of these as I prepped the upstairs for the housewarming party. Lots of nibbles and extra seating that wouldn’t normally be there.)

The countdown is on

Three weeks from today, we load up everything we own and move across the river.

Three weeks.

We haven’t really collected any boxes, or bought supplies, or started packing, but we’ve already started decorating.

I picked up a teak table and chairs on Kijiji for next to nothing, and found the most adorable fabric to reupholster the chairs from New Mom Designs on Etsy.


We’re picking up the new couch this weekend (whoops, should really book the truck now….), found the exact lamp I’d wanted ON SALE, and then came across this room in my new September 2012 issue of Style at Home that pretty much contained all the pieces of furniture and accessories that were in my old moodboard.


The only thing I’d been questioning is the coffee table, and whether I wanted something a little softer to balance all of the angular furniture, but this layout makes me think the original idea is still pretty great.

And did I mention that our super awesome landlord is installing marble tiles in the upstairs bath this week? Life is pretty sweet… or it will be after the actual moving part of the move!

Let the planning begin!

On Friday, Nick from RJ’s Moving came in to assess the contents of the townhouse and firm up the moving date.

August 23rd, people, seven weeks from tomorrow.

I’m beyond excited.

My current landlord has been given their two months’ notice, the new lease has been signed, and J&C have graciously let us measure the rooms so that we could start planning.

I wasn’t kidding about the planning.


The only problem with the plan is that the most of this furniture needs to be purchased.

If anyone wants to buy a kidney, please let me know.

We’re moving!

After six and a half underwhelming years in a townhouse in one of London’s sketchier neighbourhoods, an amazing opportunity presented itself.

Friends of mine are moving – suddenly – to our nation’s capital and would like to rent out their little bungalow. The hubby is an experienced contractor and has renovated the kitchen and bathroom, as well as other key areas of the house. We’re going have more space, a huge yard, a GARAGE (I cannot add enough exclamation points here, people), and we’re closer to work while still being within walking distance of downtown.

The crazy thing is that the house is exactly 300m from one dear friend, and 400m in the opposite direction lives another. This might not bode well for our livers or our wallets, which is why it landed halfway between the “pro” and “con” lists.

Just take a look at this yard… I can’t wait.

Since the owners are dear friends of mine, I’m going to skip posting photos of the house with all of their belongings in it. Once they’re moved – all the way at the end of AUGUST – I’ll show you around the rest of the house.

Til then, I plan to use and and abuse this little spot to store all my ideas so that I don’t drive my friends insane(r).